"Be My Baby" is Billboard's #1 Girl Group Song of All Time

WOW Billboard put a big smile on my face when BE MY BABY was #1 on their list of greatest Girl Group Songs of all time, ahead of TLC, Shangri La's, Destiny's Child, Supremes. It's Ronnie & the Ronettes!!

"Ronnie Spector's voice was the sound of billions of young hopes and dreams, and her note-perfect reading of Greenwich and Barry's greatest composition (with Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley serving as the perfect background subconscious) grows more epochal in every second. The song is a 2:41-long head rush, a dizzying celebration of life, love and the pursuit of teenage kicks, and if it ever goes out of style, that means we've actually invented something better than pop music. Might take a while still."

Jonathan Greenfeld